YAMAHA Trumpet model YTR4325S. Very good condition, only imperfection is the dent on the second valve slide. Bundle comes with trumpet itself, Schilke 15B mouthpiece, plunger mute, a little bit of valve oil, rag to wipe the trumpet, a stand which isn't pictured in the pictures, and a straight mute that's doesnt work too well (but can be fixed). Just took it to Schafers music to get the trumpet all cleaned up and is in working and playing order. Also comes with 5 books shown in the picture along with a snark all instrument tuner.

Congratulations to the many students who earned Division I ratings at District Solo & Ensemble yesterday! Here is a link to the State information: http://bit.ly/StateSE. Please read, complete digital form: http://bit.ly/StateSEform and turn in printed signature page with payment by Tuesday, Feb. 4. Please put the printed signature form with payment in a clearly labeled envelope (NAME, State S&E) and hand TO a director. DO NOT put on a desk, or in absence note bin.

Use this form if you already completed the initial order form and would like to add addition items:


The Show Shirt order will be placed on 9/23 no later than noon.

Students were assigned a marching band uniform during Band Camp in August, and if applicable (SB10, SB11/12, Jazz), will be assigned a tuxedo in November. Every effort is made to best fit each student with the marching uniforms and tuxedos that are available. Please help keep them in great condition for years to come by following the Uniform Care and Wear Instructions noted below.

See the attached file about the NHS Band poster fundraiser.