We will be collecting tuxedos, school-owned instruments, and all symphonic band music and books (Sight Reading, 101 Rhythmic, I Recommend) following the schedules Mr. Koski sent out:

Please follow the schedules indicated to avoid overcrowding. Underclassmen are scheduled according to their seminar teachers, and seniors according to last name.

We must collect ALL tuxedos, including jazz. If Labor Day weekend Festival is on, we will re-distribute at that time.

We really need parent volunteers to help with this in 4 stations: Uniforms, Instruments, Sheet Music, and Music Books. We could also use help organizing the music library, running to the recycling bin, cleaning out storage rooms for instruments, percussion, and uniform room. If you are available, we will have a job for you! Normally, we have students do these tasks, but these days, we cannot.


Mrs. Ray-Hepp

Bennett and Bo Chenowith along with siblings played for their neighborhood. Feel free to keep sending #playontheproch or any other videos demonstrating how you are sharing your gifts!

Screenshot of Channel 7 News Story

See the video on YouTube

Follow the link below to reach scores, recordings and other important links:

Band Scores, Recordings, and Other Links

Hello NHS Bands!

I miss you all so much! I hope you and your families are all healthy!

These are certainly unprecedented times. Although MSBOA has had to cancel both symphonic and jazz State Band Festivals, we are continuing to provide enrichment and pre-teaching materials to prepare you for the rest of the year and beyond.

We will plan on meeting with you in real time for the first half hour (at least) of your first class of the week, with a slight "sleep in" adjustment for jazz. For this week, we will meet in person on Wednesday, 3/25 (SB11/12) and Thursday, 3/26 (Jazz, SB10, SB9), but going forward, it will be on Mondays and Tuesdays. As always, we will continue to be in contact via email, and Remind, and will be providing at least 3 points of communication and updated activities each week. See the attached schedule for more detail.

Students were assigned a marching band uniform during Band Camp in August, and if applicable (SB10, SB11/12, Jazz), will be assigned a tuxedo in November. Every effort is made to best fit each student with the marching uniforms and tuxedos that are available. Please help keep them in great condition for years to come by following the Uniform Care and Wear Instructions noted below.