We will be collecting tuxedos, school-owned instruments, and all symphonic band music and books (Sight Reading, 101 Rhythmic, I Recommend) following the schedules Mr. Koski sent out:

Please follow the schedules indicated to avoid overcrowding. Underclassmen are scheduled according to their seminar teachers, and seniors according to last name.

We must collect ALL tuxedos, including jazz. If Labor Day weekend Festival is on, we will re-distribute at that time.

We really need parent volunteers to help with this in 4 stations: Uniforms, Instruments, Sheet Music, and Music Books. We could also use help organizing the music library, running to the recycling bin, cleaning out storage rooms for instruments, percussion, and uniform room. If you are available, we will have a job for you! Normally, we have students do these tasks, but these days, we cannot.


Mrs. Ray-Hepp